Energy & Infrastructure

As Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership, we are providing legal support in energy projects, infrastructure, public-private partnerships (PPPs) and build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects and provide legal consultancy services to our clientele at every phase of their project, from the tendering stage to the contract negotiations and afterwards the ultimate operating period.

We provide consultancy services in the compliance with the legislation for the companies operating in the field of electricity, coal, petroleum and natural gas energy production, distribution and storage, preliminary license and license acquisition and amendment processes, period of integration to Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEK Support Mechanism/YEKDEM) in the stages of provisional and final acceptance and we undertake the preparation of documentation required for the procedures to be followed before the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA).

Furthermore, we also provide legal consultancy services in the construction, maintenance and repair processes of power plant projects related to renewable energy, especially with respect to solar, wind, hydroelectricity and biomass energy.

In this context, we provide legal support to our clientele by preparing and negotiating contracts that may be needed in energy and infrastructure projects, such as turbine/plant supply contracts, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and construction, engineering and procurement contracts (EPCs).

Additionally, our project finance team, which is competent in the financing mechanisms that are commonly used for energy and infrastructure projects, contributes to the seamless legal service we deliver to our clientele throughout the lifecycle of their projects with their bespoke work on drawing the legal roadmap for the financing process and drafting and negotiating the financing documents.

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