Diversity & Inclusion

As Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership, we are committed to design our working spaces and recruitment processes solely on objective criteria such as knowledge, talent and devotion and reject all grounds of discrimination, notably on the grounds of gender, race, religious belief, culture, ethnic origin, ideology, social class, age and disadvantages.

In line with the principles of ethical and corporate responsibility, we consider as a natural part of our corporate culture to make our identity that oversees accountability regarding diversity & inclusion sustainable by ensuring equal treatment and equal opportunity for our teammates.

Thus, we believe that prospering our firm with individuals which are entitled to different perspectives and preserving an atmosphere where ideas can be expressed freely serve as the cornerstones for both the fulfilment of our moral obligations to each other as teammates and delivering the qualified services that we commit to our clientele.

With the objective of ensuring the effective implementation of our principle of diversity & inclusion, we confer with our clients and business partners and we strive to keep our agenda and strategies on diversity & inclusion up-to-date by participating in various networks and events.