Firm Overview

Established in 2019, Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership is a law firm based in Istanbul which provides qualified full-service legal consultancy services to its clientele.

Taking the constantly evolving and everchanging needs of the modern business world into account, in every area of its practices Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership aims to provide fully equipped and high-quality legal consultancy services specifically tailored to the commercial needs of each client, and in this direction, to create efficacious legal solutions which rapidly and accurately meet the demands of its clients.

As Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership, we believe ensuring a continuous, effective and transparent communication with our clientele constitutes the cornerstone of the versatile, rigorous and business-oriented legal solutions that we are offering. Accordingly, based on our perspective that having comprehensive legal and sectoral knowledge in the areas that we provide legal consultancy strengthens the communication with our clientele, we approach concrete legal disputes with an interdisciplinary perspective by closely monitoring the developments in our clients’ industries.

In addition, as Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership, we acknowledge the fact that the provision of legal consultancy services is an overarching process and we are being attentive to make use of the latest legal technologies in our work in order to ensure that the consultancy services that we offer are also transparently reviewable. Thus, we adopt it as a principle to save reasonable time and cost for our clients, protect the confidentiality of their sensitive data and trade secrets and constantly measure real-time business metrics with regards to our legal consultancy services.

While our team provides legal consultancy services in many branches of the Turkish law, our team’s main practices include: Contracts Law, Corporate Law, Competition Law, Energy Law, Compliance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking and Finance Law, Capital Markets Law, Project Finance, International Investment Law, Employment Law, Personal Data Protection Law. Additionally, the legal services we provide to our clients include domestic and international litigation, advocacy in civil disputes including mediation and arbitration cases and representing our clientele for their legal actions before public institutions. Please kindly click here to see all of our practices.

Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership provides professional legal services mainly in Turkish and English and each member of our team offers bilingual legal consultancy.

We believe that our expertise in diverse legal disciplines and our multilingual working habit will offer more inclusive and beneficial solutions for our clients’ daily operations.