About Us


Firm Overview

Established in 2019, Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership is a law firm based in Istanbul which provides qualified full-service legal consultancy services to its clientele.

Taking the constantly evolving and everchanging needs of the modern business world into account, in every area of its practices Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership aims to provide fully equipped and high-quality legal consultancy services specifically tailored to the commercial needs of each client, and in this direction, to create efficacious legal solutions which rapidly and accurately meet the demands of its clients.

Corporate Principles

Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership’s primary principle is to ensure a full compliance with local and international legislation in its institutional operations and for the services provided to its clientele. As Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership, we acknowledge that the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability constitutes the main core of the attorney-client relationship and thus we undertake to utilize all the modern means necessary in order to implement aforesaid principles in real terms in all of our practices. We continuously monitor and control that all works and transactions under the mandate of our firm are carried out in accordance with our corporate identity and reputation and we put in our best effort to assure that they are also acknowledged and implemented by all our teammates.

Diversity & Inclusion

As Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership, we are committed to design our working spaces and recruitment processes solely on objective criteria such as knowledge, talent and devotion and reject all grounds of discrimination, notably on the grounds of gender, race, religious belief, culture, ethnic origin, ideology, social class, age and disadvantages.


Pro Bono

For our pro bono works, which we consider as our professional and humanitarian responsibility towards our society, we take the special care to provide the diligence and competence that is a usual part of the legal consultancy services which we currently undertake.