As Meteoğlu & Özkan Attorney Partnership, numerous consultancy services we provide within our areas of practice usually accompanies a diligent legal compliance work especially for our clientele operating in regulated industries. Taking into consideration that regulations have become diversified and widespread in almost every industry on a global scale and corporate transparency is being increased based on these regulations, the operating costs caused by businesses and transactions that are noncompliant increase dramatically. Accordingly, in today’s business world, which is rapidly being globalized and constantly being transformed with technological developments, we provide legal support to our clients on ensuring compliance with relevant regulations in their field of activity and managing legal risks in their daily work routine.

Our team often provides consultancy services for compliance projects with respect to the regulations on competitionpersonal data protectioninformation technologies and telecommunicationsbanking and financecapital marketsenergy and infrastructureinternational trade and tax regulations; while also carrying out the processes of compliance that may be relevant in the industry-specific context regarding regulations in the areas of consumer protection, public procurement, protection of environment, anti-bribery and money laundering.

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